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Workshop: Emission Control on Small Burners

Tetovo, 4/13/2018 1:02:52 PM

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Within the framework of our education program, based on practical and demonstration events for different target groups in Macedonia, on March 29, 2018, in cooperation with our partner MRU and the South East European University in Tetovo with whom we have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, we realized  the Workshop: Control of Emissions on Small Burners. The workshop is a result of the needs that were seen from the previous edition of the professional gathering Measurements on Small Burners, daily public reports on the state of the air, real needs derived from the field through direct contact with people and companies involved, in order to give one step ahead in dealing with the enormous pollution in Macedonia.


The goal was primarily to measure the connection between the emission of harmful gases and dust from one and the operating parameters of the burner on the other hand. This topic is very important and current if we take into account the emission indicators especially during the heating season in our country.


Considering the practical sign and in the best interest of a better demonstration, 10-15 visitors were envisaged. The interested parties were from different sectors: producers of boilers, service companies, inspection bodies, public sector representatives, etc. such as Vardar Dolomit, Eko Kontrol, Mikrosam, Energy Point Peleti, LTH and the Ministry of Environment. The workshop was moderated by a specialized expert Mr. Zvone Vrhovec, who comes from the Regional Office of MRU in Slovenia, and we were actively and directly involved with the responsible technical persons from the University.


What happened?

In the first and shorter part of the workshop, the basics of combustion processes, products of combustion, as well as typical emission values for different fuels were considered.

The second and practical part was realized in the boiler room of the University, where real-time measurements of two different combustion processes were performed: one on pellets, the second one on oil. During the measurement, emissions of harmful gases (СО, NOx) were noted depending on the different user settings of the burners in the presence of the responsible technical personnel of the University.

A measurement of dust emission with a gravimetric method was performed using the FSM kit from MRU in the typical operating conditions (settings) of the burner.

Within the final word of the workshop, we made an analysis and discussion of the noted results and regulations. In the absence of regulation on the limit values of small burner emissions up to 1MW in our country (there are only the smokeless numbers for individual fuels), the results obtained were interpreted in relation to the relevant standards that are valid in the EU (it is expected that they will be implemented in Macedonia ).

Through this workshop, our direct goal is to give our own contribution to a cleaner air and a healthy environment for all of us and our future generations, with emphasis on the importance of introducing the regulation as well as the responsibilities for overseeing the emissions from small burners in Macedonia (many on number, when installing it, is important only that they work and not how they operate, and then no one controls them under "regulations", so they are  left to the user's awareness of clean air).

You can see the measurements report on the pellet boiler here.
You can see the report of the measurements performed on the oil boiler here.

We thank all the visitors for the active participation in the workshop. We invite new interested to apply for the next workshop on the following link (in the order of the first registered companies, they have an advantage).

We are paying gratitude to the South East European University, and especially to their technical team from the maintenance and the selfless efforts for better realization of the event.

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