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The thirth Fluke Workshops, 2014

Skopje, 5/22/2014 3:35:58 PM

In the period of 05 to 09.05 2014 were realized the third Fluke Workshops.

The purpose of the 10 workshops was to transfer useful information and experiences from the measuring  technique  to the technical people who perform measurements in companies through hands-demonstrative presentation performed by a technical person from the world's largest manufacturer of test and measurement equipment - Fluke. During the event a significant part of the standard Fluke tools were exposed to the audience, which enable reviewing and checking the functionality of individual devices by simultaneous consultation with a technical person.

During the presentation Mr. Robert Jeglikj from Fluke give the participants useful information, recommendations and concrete examples of how to improve measurements of specific processes in their companies, and how to "put into operation" the latest technological developments from this manufacturer.

Within the practical part of the workshops were made test measurements with some of the tools in order to check whether and how the measuring device can respond to the application. Usually measurements were performed with measurements with thermal imagers of the new series Fluke Ti110, measurements with diagnostic tester Fluke 805 for vibrations, Measuring of mA withouit interupting the current loop with current clamps from series Fluke 770 and etc.
At the workshops were first time presented new wirelles multimeters Fluke CNX3000, which were very interesting about participants.

This time we had 70 technical persons of the following companies:

  1. MIQ, Skopje
  2. IMB Mlekara Bitola
  3. Swisslion, Skopje
  4. Mikrosam, Prilep 
  5. Tehnick Institut Negotino, Negotino
  6. Tab Mac, Probishtip
  7. Briliant, Shtip
  8. ТАВ Airport Skopje
  9. Imperial Tobacco, Skopje
  10. Wabtec MZT, Skopje

Hopefully contributed to the stated purpose and we thank these companies for realizing the event.

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