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Terms and contiotions for use

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Attention! Please read these conditions carefully before using this website. If you use our services it means you agree and accept these conditions as well. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not use this website.

The following document contains general conditions according to which Loging Electronics offers services to its customers through the e-store This policy refers and applies to all domains and subdomains of our work and appears at the bottom of this website. These conditions apply to all users. The built hyper-links on the server or the use of its payment services -  oblige the customer to agree, fully accept and respect the following general terms: user identification, which is being carried out by the recorded IP addresses of website visitors in the log files of the server with the aim of proving the acceptance of the general terms as well as any other information that could be needed in these terms.

Rules for using the website

As the creator and owner of this website, Loging Electronics gives you the right to look at all materials published on it for personal use only, with a non-commercial purpose, only if you respect all copyrights and marks. The content of this website must not be altered in any way, copied, publically published or spread for any social or commercial goals. The publication of this website`s content on other websites is also prohibited. The content on this website is protected by the Copyright Law and other laws and every unauthorized use can cause violation of this law, the trademarks rights and other legal regulations.

General provisions

All information included on this website present the current Loging Electronics` outlook regarding the discussed topics on the date of the publication. Due to the fact that Loging Electronics must adjust to the market needs, the site must not be taken as an offer or a contract with Loging Electronics. Furthermore, Loging Electronics cannot guarantee for the accuracy of any information after the date of publication of any document on this website. This website can be used for informational purposes only. Loging Electronics does not guarantee the content of this information neither explicitly nor implicitly
Any information presented on this website is given “as it is” with no guarantee for its content. Loging Electronics disclaims all implicit or explicit guarantees, including business guarantees and information suitability for certain purposes. Loging Electronics and its suppliers should not be held responsible in any case for any possible damages including direct or indirect, incidental losses of business profit or special expenses, even in the cases when Loging Electronics and/or its suppliers have been warned or advised for the possibility of such damages.

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Loging Electronics, its suppliers or third parties do not bear any responsibility for any possible damages caused by a missed opportunity, information loss etc; coming from the use, prevention of use or results from using this website, regardless of any warning that might have been or have not been issued by Loging Electronics for the possibility of such damages. In the case when after using this website and its materials there is damage on your part, which requires service or repair you will be held responsible and cover all costs regarding the removal of the damage.
Links to other websites in the ownership of third parties
As an additional information tool, Loging Electronics offers links to websites of companies which are not controlled by Loging Electronics. Loging Electronics does not review or supervise, nor holds any responsibility for the content of these websites. The fact that Loging Electronics has placed a link to such a website should not be treated as its responsibility and Loging Electronics disclaims any responsibility for the content.
Links to his website
You can create a link to this site from other sites, but only according to the accepted conditions of Loging Electronics. For more information regarding this issue please contact us at the specific coordinates [email protected]

Termination of the website

Loging Electronics reserves the right to terminate your shopping account as well as your registration or similar user rights on this internet page. You are personally responsible for every submitted order or payment by you, before the termination of your account. Loging Electronics reserves the right to change, stop, terminate the complete content or just given parts of this website at any given time without any previous notification. After your account has been terminated you no longer have the right to use your registration, account or any similar rights on this internet page. Our ownership rights, disclaimers and other regulations cannot be refuted, restricted, limited or nullified in all cases.


Should you have any additional questions regarding the conditions, policy or general terms of use for this e-store please contact us

е-mail: [email protected]

Loging Electronics LLC
Naroden Front 19а/1/6
1000, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Tel. +389 (02) 3127 345

*The information in this Policy is a subject of occasional change, without any previous notification.

Please read and follow the instructions of this documents and we guarantee you safety and a simple transaction.

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