Sales and Refund Policy

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Dear customers, thank you for visiting our website.

We have the honor to present you the Sales and Refund Policy which regulates the right to privacy and safety of personal data which need to be processes.
The following Sales and Refund Policy refers to the website of LOGING ELECTRONICS LLC, Skopje, This policy refers and applies to all domains and subdomains of our work, and appears at the bottom of our website.                                                                                                      
This will help you understand your rights as customers and the manner of payment, replacement or repair of products bought from our stores. There are certain conditions regarding transactions made in Loging Electronics` store. By submitting an order or shopping in Loging Electronics` store you agree to the conditions regulated in this document together with the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for Use by Loging Electronics.

Prices and correction of prices

Regarding prices, Loging Electronics reserves the right to change the prices displayed in the e-store and is not to be held responsible for any unintentional errors in the prices.

Discounts, vouchers and restrictions

Depending on the content of your shopping cart you can receive certain discounts for which you will be informed in due time. These discounts can be in the form of price reduction of certain products or price reduction of the total amount of the shopping cart. You can also receive discounts such as free delivery of your order. You can also use a voucher for additional discounts. In order to be able to use these discounts properly, please read the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. Price reduction or discounts (including vouchers) are applied only if the product is not already on discount. For instance: if there is a weekend offer for a set of products in your cart then the discount will apply only to those products  which are not already on discount and not on the total amount of the cart;
  2. The discount vouchers refer to the total amount of the shopping cart and this amount is estimated after we include the discount on certain individual products in the cart. For instance: if the amount of the total products in the cart is 20 000 denars and there are products inside it which bring 10% discount, then the total amount of the cart will be 18 000 denars. If you decide to use the discount voucher, than this voucher will be estimated on the amount of 18 000 denars.
  3. You claim only one voucher per order.

VAT calculation depending on the country of delivery

The value of VAT in the products` prices depends on the country of delivery. For the delivery of products in Macedonia and Kosovo the prices include calculated VAT, according to the legislative regulations. The delivery of products for the other countries does not have VAT calculated in the prices.
Receiving and confirming your order
Once we have received your order we are obliged to inform you that your order has been submitted. This does not mean that your order has been accepted and approved by Loging, but rather it is a simple confirmation that we have received your order. Loging Electronics reserves the right to accept or refuse your order for any possible reasons. If Loging Electronics refuses an order which has already been paid, it will refund the full amount.


Once your order has been shipped from our premises its delivery can be under the influence of many factors and events out of Loging Electronics` control. Therefore, Loging Electronics is not to be held responsible for the delay of a certain delivery. However, we will work with you in order to provide punctual delivery.

Availability of products

Due to the popularity of certain products Loging Electronics might need to restrict the number of available products for purchasing. Despite this fact, we will still put efforts to provide these products as soon as possible. Also, we reserve the right to change the quantity of available products at any time, even if the order has already been made. It is possible that although Loging Electronics has confirmed your order, it will still not be able to deliver the ordered product, due to a delayed notification for the products unavailability. In this case, Loging Electronics will cancel the order and refund the money in total.
SHOULD you have any questions regarding the Sales and Refund Policy please contact us.


е-mail: [email protected]

Loging Electronics LLC
Naroden Front 19а/1/6
1000, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Tel. +389 (02) 3127 345

*The information in this Policy is a subject of occasional change, without any previous notification.

Please read and follow the instructions of this documents and we guarantee you safety and a simple transaction.

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